Sunday, March 6, 2016

Seattle Miniature Show 2016

The Seattle show was this weekend so I stopped by this afternoon. Last year was the first time I'd gone in decades and I went on Saturday so it was really crowded! This time, I went on Sunday and it was much less crowded. I didn't end up buying anything though. Not that there weren't some great items, I just didn't see anything that really spoke to me.

I still fondly remember going to the show probably 20+ years ago when it was at the Seattle Center in the Flag Pavilion. The show was much larger then and I think attracted a wider range of artisans. I would love to travel to some of the other shows around the country that I know are larger like the Bishop show in Chicago. Someday!

One thing I saw and really liked in the displays this year was "The Watchful Eye" by Peggy Zorn. It is a 1/2" scale wizard's home with a thatched roof. It was so detailed and really a great piece. Of course it had the "Best in Show" ribbon!

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  1. Hi Fox! I would have loved to have gone to the Seattle Show this year but perhaps next year...... (sigh)
    I too recall the Shows at the Seattle Flag Pavilion!!!! Just walking up to the door was enough to get the blood pumping in anticipation! ahhhhh the memories.... :D
    But a show is still a SHOW and I am Very Happy to hear that it was well attended and the The Watchful Eye looks like a WINNER to me too! :D