Friday, February 19, 2016

Ornate fireplace and my studio space

I found this cool resin fireplace on Ebay. It's made by Falcon Miniatures and is in three pieces. Also ordered a battery-operated grate shown with the fireplace. These will go in the downstairs of the witch's shop. I think it will help set the tone for her store. I'm still thinking about what exactly her little shop will be like. What does she sell? What does she do? Who is she?

Here she is shown with her cat. I think they look pretty good together! They still need names though. 

And here's a view of my workspace. It's fairly small, about 8'x10' at most. There's a church about a mile from where I live that has this 1960s building which was formerly used as a school of some sort. They ended up renting out some of spaces to artists for a nominal fee to help cover utilities and I was lucky enough to get a space after being on the waiting list for a year or so. It has these shelves in it, I think this room was probably used for book storage? Originally the walls were kind of a turquoise blue that was really lovely, but also clearly from years and years ago. I ended up painting everything white to make the room feel larger and give me a blank slate. 

Now I'm slowly moving things in. I figure it is a great space to work on all of my various art projects, which of course includes any mini builds I actually get around to completing. I'm transitioning out of my current job and will have almost two whole weeks off at the beginning of March before I start my new job. I'm planning on spending some of that time here in my studio!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A little tiny cat!

I've been so inspired by Brae's work on her blog and really love the posts where she includes a mini animal (usually a cat) to liven things up. I've been keeping an eye open for a little cat of my own and ran across a wonderful Maine Coon made by IGMA artisan E. E. Winters. It was definitely expensive, but ultimately I think this little kitty was worth it. Is it a he or a she? What is his/her name? I'm thinking it belongs to the as yet unnamed witch for her little shop/home.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Witch's Shop

Alright, it has been almost a year since I posted last! Too long, I know. Work has been keeping me busier than I have wanted, but I'm starting to have more space again for projects. Also, I'm looking at transitioning to a different company in the near future, so that might also give me a little more time.

And of course, I still have all of my other projects that are uncompleted, yet I've already moved on to another one. I think I need something even smaller (no pun intended) to build than the houses I have planned. Last fall I was really thinking it would also be fun to make something more fantasy-based, something that is really just about pure fun and whimsy. I found this small Larimer Shop kit that seemed perfect for a small witch's shop with a bedroom upstairs.

Of course the planning is always the most fun, but I've been noodling this around in my head for months now and am still working out what it should look like. But I've also started collecting parts for this build!

I have an Edwardian witch that I commissioned from Soraya Merino! She'll be the inhabitant. And I've got a few pieces of furniture and some mini wallpapers that I'm wanting to use as well.

I've got a few more parts on order for this. Windows and a door from Lawbre. A cool fireplace by Falcon. Hopefully, I can actually start on the building for this project in the next few weeks and maybe even have something together by summer? I'm not setting any specific deadlines. But it would be great to have this at least mostly finished by Halloween!