Monday, March 7, 2016

Doors/Windows for Witch's Shop

I still have at least the rest of this week off from work. Will be starting a new job next Monday, but there are always lots of things to do still. Should do more cleaning/organizing around the house which is my main goal for today. I also have a relative in town for surgery tomorrow, so that may take up some time as well.

But I am happy to report that I reached out to Teri at Lawbre and the door and windows I ordered last month should be shipping out soon. I'm not adding any windows to the kit, but I did want some better detailing for this build than what was included. Ultimately, I decided to invest in a few Lawbre pieces. The door and small window I ordered should be fairly close fits that will need minimal adjustment to the existing cutouts. I ended up going with their standard arched panel door that I normally see used on interiors mainly because of the width. There isn't a lot of area on that front panel to expand! Below are the pieces I selected:

I felt like the additional detail of the "hood" for the small window would add more interest to the dormer, but would likely end up getting lost if I chose the "hooded" windows for the larger window below. There is the roof overhang there that I think is a strong enough element to work with already.

The other items I ordered this week are a couple of false doors from Miniature Mansions in the U.K. Lawbre's options here only seemed to come in a double door, which would be way too big for what I needed. The false doors I found elsewhere would likely feel clunky in comparison to these upgraded choices. Then I discovered Miniature Mansions! They have a lot of great trims and components and they had just what I needed for the interior false doors:

Looking forward to these pieces arriving! In the meantime, I'm going to need to make some finish decisions and start getting to work on the interior and exterior. I am less worried about historical accuracy with this project as it is more of a small "fantasy" build. This build should have a Victorian/Edwardian feel to it though. Hope to have more to share later this week!

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