Monday, March 16, 2015

Foundation and Miele Appliances

Well, I'm at least gluing the foundation together this morning! Hopefully I can also get an idea of the foamcore/wood pieces I will need and maybe I'll even stop to pick up some supplies on my way to work later. I do enjoy my lazy Monday mornings. Normally I close on Mondays, so I don't have to be at work until 12:30 p.m.

While glue was drying I unpacked and photographed the Miele appliances that arrived!

The oven does take a AAA battery and lights up and makes noises. The range top also lights up and makes noises. The noises are pretty loud and scratchy sounding, but I love the look of the oven light on with the door open, just like a real one.

Included with the appliances were some plastic foods. These may need a little work to make them more realistic.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Unfinished Bespaq Pieces

Craftsman Storage Cabinet

Arrow-Back Armchair

Craftsman Dresser and Mirror

I ran across a selection of unfinished Bespaq items on Mountain Miniatures' website recently. Some of them were a little plainer and seemed like pieces that could work well in my current planned projects, so I bit the bullet and placed an order.

Of course, when I received them, they are definitely unfinished and will need more work than I had anticipated. Not that they are terrible, but there is going to be more sanding than I expected to get them ready to stain or paint. The dresser drawers especially looked a little rougher in general than I was expecting. However, they are the perfect sizes for the intended spaces, so I'm happy overall. And I still like that I get to determine the finish.

I have to really decide on my color schemes for the rooms before I know what I'm doing with them. The seat will need to be recovered on the chair, which is convenient as it came off recently. I was initially going to stain all three pieces, but I may go with painted finishes instead. If not on all three, at least on one or two.

The other order I placed recently was for the small Miele fridge, oven, and microwave from ELF Miniatures. I assume they will show up sometime next week. I've pretty much hit my budget for the month as far as purchases go, but I'm planning on another order from HBS in April to get supplies for the kitchen and bathroom.

I was really inspired by Brae's kitchen from her Baxter Pointe Villa, so I'm going the Houseworks kitchen cabinet route. (Also following suit with the Miele appliances.) We'll see if my kitchen ends up looking half as good as hers!

After the show last weekend, I did stop in at my local miniature shop, Alki Beach Miniatures, yesterday and picked up a few magazines. There are some construction/finishing supplies I still need to get before I start really assembling the shell with glue instead of tape, but I have to figure out exactly what I need first and then I'll probably go next week.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Acquisto Silver - Shell Dish

Well, I did go to the Seattle Miniature Show this morning! Much smaller (no pun intended) than the last show I went to about twenty years ago, but it was also in a different location. Lots of energy and excitement in the air. Bryn was nice enough to accompany me. I had forgotten to get some cash beforehand, so I didn't buy some of the pottery I was eyeing. But I did buy a piece I have loved for years and years. A tiny little Pete Acquisto shell dish in sterling silver. That was the only thing I brought home with me today, but I love it.

I'm hopeful that the Seattle show will continue to grow again and attract more dealers. There were a good amount of dealers there, but I didn't see as much furniture as I would have liked. If I was doing something period (Victorian, Regency, Edwardian, etc) I'm sure I would have found something, but there was very little that could be contemporary, and even less that was of the quality I'm looking for. And I'm trying not to buy too many accessories at this point, so I just figured I'd invest in one really nice piece today.

I still might head down to my local miniature store this afternoon. I have a hankering for some new magazines. Of course, the sun is out and it is a lovely spring day in Seattle, which means that I'll have to fight for parking to get to the store. It is right on Alki Beach and the crowds do flock there when it is nice out. Still, I think it is worth a trip to get some sun, a nice walk perhaps, and the latest copy of Miniature Collector.

Friday, March 6, 2015

"Denise's City Cottage" for HBS 22nd Annual Creatin' Contest

Here's what the kit photo looks like above...

And the two kits in boxes plus a door I also ordered...

And here's a view of the sliding door and windows that came with the first kit I opened.

Starting to assemble for test fitting.

Exterior view for dry test fitting. All the pieces were there! 

And an interior view as well. 

Just wanted to share some images of the kit at the beginning of the project. As I'm planning on kit-bashing the two kits together, there are some modifications I'll be needing to plan to make before things get fastened together. This was also good to do, because the instructions are all just text. I needed to figure out what pieces were what, and where they went! The roof actually doesn't have as much of a curve to it as it looks like. Also, it is nice to see the inside of the space with the rafters to get a better sense of the space. This thing is going to be bigger than I imagined. Now I'm starting to see why the smaller scales have been gaining popularity since they require less storage space.

Hopefully, I'll get a little more work done today on the walls I'm needing to modify. Probably not much will happen tomorrow because we're planning on going to the Seattle Miniature Show (yay!) and then maybe the zoo, if the weather is nice.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another tiny find, a giraffe!

Another tiny thing I realized I already own is a teeny tiny crocheted giraffe! Bryn got me this as a gift a couple of years ago because I love giraffes and also small things. I absolutely loved it, but I'm realizing now that I will soon have a reason to take him out of the box and give him a proper place to live.

For scale, I placed the box next to a dime for the photo. It is hard to tell, but the giraffe also has a little leaf in his mouth and he came with a couple extra leaves too. I don't know exactly who made this, but I know he bought it on Etsy and I suspect that LamLinh's shop is where he found it. If not there, she also makes similar pieces.

You know, I have to say that I love the internet. I know some folks feel like it is "cheating" to track things down online, but the fact that I own a tiny crocheted giraffe from Asia, and an articulated 1/12 scale doll from Lithuania, and have some kits I'm working on from the USA... well... that's just cool to me. There aren't a lot of shops or shows up here in Seattle that I know of, and I can't really travel to do all the miniature-related things I'd like to do. So, the internet does help me get great ideas from various blogs and websites. And I can also find things to buy that I wouldn't find locally.