Friday, March 6, 2015

"Denise's City Cottage" for HBS 22nd Annual Creatin' Contest

Here's what the kit photo looks like above...

And the two kits in boxes plus a door I also ordered...

And here's a view of the sliding door and windows that came with the first kit I opened.

Starting to assemble for test fitting.

Exterior view for dry test fitting. All the pieces were there! 

And an interior view as well. 

Just wanted to share some images of the kit at the beginning of the project. As I'm planning on kit-bashing the two kits together, there are some modifications I'll be needing to plan to make before things get fastened together. This was also good to do, because the instructions are all just text. I needed to figure out what pieces were what, and where they went! The roof actually doesn't have as much of a curve to it as it looks like. Also, it is nice to see the inside of the space with the rafters to get a better sense of the space. This thing is going to be bigger than I imagined. Now I'm starting to see why the smaller scales have been gaining popularity since they require less storage space.

Hopefully, I'll get a little more work done today on the walls I'm needing to modify. Probably not much will happen tomorrow because we're planning on going to the Seattle Miniature Show (yay!) and then maybe the zoo, if the weather is nice.

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