Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another tiny find, a giraffe!

Another tiny thing I realized I already own is a teeny tiny crocheted giraffe! Bryn got me this as a gift a couple of years ago because I love giraffes and also small things. I absolutely loved it, but I'm realizing now that I will soon have a reason to take him out of the box and give him a proper place to live.

For scale, I placed the box next to a dime for the photo. It is hard to tell, but the giraffe also has a little leaf in his mouth and he came with a couple extra leaves too. I don't know exactly who made this, but I know he bought it on Etsy and I suspect that LamLinh's shop is where he found it. If not there, she also makes similar pieces.

You know, I have to say that I love the internet. I know some folks feel like it is "cheating" to track things down online, but the fact that I own a tiny crocheted giraffe from Asia, and an articulated 1/12 scale doll from Lithuania, and have some kits I'm working on from the USA... well... that's just cool to me. There aren't a lot of shops or shows up here in Seattle that I know of, and I can't really travel to do all the miniature-related things I'd like to do. So, the internet does help me get great ideas from various blogs and websites. And I can also find things to buy that I wouldn't find locally.

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  1. Hi Vivian! I think that your crocheted giraffe is adorable and I look forward to seeing how you use it in your scene. I agree with you 100% about the uniqueness of laying claim to items from around the world that would be unaccessible to us otherwise, if it weren't for the internet. It is definitely a benefit having a world-wide store at your fingertips. regardless of where you live :D