Friday, February 19, 2016

Ornate fireplace and my studio space

I found this cool resin fireplace on Ebay. It's made by Falcon Miniatures and is in three pieces. Also ordered a battery-operated grate shown with the fireplace. These will go in the downstairs of the witch's shop. I think it will help set the tone for her store. I'm still thinking about what exactly her little shop will be like. What does she sell? What does she do? Who is she?

Here she is shown with her cat. I think they look pretty good together! They still need names though. 

And here's a view of my workspace. It's fairly small, about 8'x10' at most. There's a church about a mile from where I live that has this 1960s building which was formerly used as a school of some sort. They ended up renting out some of spaces to artists for a nominal fee to help cover utilities and I was lucky enough to get a space after being on the waiting list for a year or so. It has these shelves in it, I think this room was probably used for book storage? Originally the walls were kind of a turquoise blue that was really lovely, but also clearly from years and years ago. I ended up painting everything white to make the room feel larger and give me a blank slate. 

Now I'm slowly moving things in. I figure it is a great space to work on all of my various art projects, which of course includes any mini builds I actually get around to completing. I'm transitioning out of my current job and will have almost two whole weeks off at the beginning of March before I start my new job. I'm planning on spending some of that time here in my studio!

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  1. YOur work space looks wonderful and thus far- well organized. The huge window gives you lots of natural light as well.
    Regarding your fireplace, I also have that model, and so I am really looking forward to seeing just how you incorporate yours into your future setting. Your lady and her cat look like a very good pairing, and I most certainly agree, that they both Really Do need names! :D