Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Doll by Giedrė Petkutė

I almost forgot about another purchase I made last fall! When I bought my kit, I also wanted to get an inhabitant for the house. For whatever reason, I think it helps me to design a space around a "customer," of sorts. The bungalow was going to be a contemporary version of an older home, and I wanted the occupant to be a male artist. (Probably some idealized version of myself, I know.)

On Etsy I ran across Lithuanian artist Giedrė Petkutė's shop (SereneDolls) and really loved her work. She does these incredible 1/12 scale dolls that are full jointed. I had her custom finish me a gentleman with long brown hair and I also bought an outfit and two pairs of her amazing tiny shoes. When he showed up, I was blown away!

I haven't given him a name yet, and just ran across him again this past weekend after a few months of him hiding in his box. I still can't get over the shoes. At some point in the far future I will probably try my hand at making some clothes for him, but that will be later, when at least one of my projects is nearer to completion.

What also made me laugh is that I don't even have a chair to have him sit in. I used to have at least some dollhouse furniture, but I sold it all off years ago. As much as I want to buy a bunch of pieces now, I do need to slow down and focus on getting materials for the house and room box, and get those constructed first. However, I do like that I have a picture of something other than an unassembled kit to share on my blog. Mixing it up a little bit!

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