Sunday, October 12, 2014

Book - "The Miniaturist"

Well, we survived our wedding this past week, and while on holiday for a few nights up in the San Juan Islands, I ran across "The Miniaturist" in a little bookstore in Friday Harbor. I just finished it this morning. Honestly, I was mainly attracted to the book by the title, but I did get engrossed in it. The dollhouse cabinet does have an interesting role in the story, and the reader never does really learn a lot about who the miniaturist is directly. If you enjoy novels, I think it is worth a read, although the story is less concerned with miniatures than on the characters. For me, that wasn't an issue. If you do want a book about miniatures though, you may end up disappointed.

As for my own dollhouse, well the kit is still in the box. But miniatures are still on my mind!

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  1. HI Lived this book too! Just posted on it last week: check my review.
    It's under the Thanksgiving post. Love your bungalow. Thanks CM